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Close the door, open another window into the night

Letting in its agonies and its ecstasies

Searching in dreamtime

For things to believe

Unsure of what’s me

Uncertain what’s real

Hear the howling so deep within

Avoid the face staring in the mirror

With its wicked smile no more than a blood stained grin

Awake me

Don’t forsake me, in this hell that we are in

Screaming and believing in truth wrapped up in sin

Looking at the stories

Written long ago

Pages turning yellow with endings that came slow,

Words slowly fading with ghosts that still glow

With eyes full of hatred for the living don’t you know?

Time to pick up the pieces, stare the face in the mirror

Pick up the pen, hold the sword, face my demons down

Gather up the Angels that comfort guide and inspire

Bringing warmth with ever breath, take me into heaven with every fishnet step

And the faces in the mirror change…