Rain a torrent, the storm unquiet 

In the night an organ plays

As the ghost of Poe stalks the halls

Lined with faces black and white

8×10’s full of fright,

The musics lifts, chills, inspires 

Creating tales told so late by roaring fires.

I challenge sleep to come take my soul

Dare dreams and nightmares bold

Will I find you in those shadowy places?

See the passion upon our faces?

In this sanctuary where memory stains

With its haunting music and echoing refrains?

Take my mind, my soul, my body no more

Ungracious lover, frightful whore

That howls beyond my window, that claws so darkly upon my door,

I hear the wind, the rain that pours 

Feel my heart love you all the more

The spell cast wide the ties that bind

Finds you chained within my mind,

A finger placed upon my lips as my hands found your hips,

Close my eyes to my own disguise, feel sharp teeth bite and nip

Hear the laughter feel the scorn

Night forever! When comes the morn?