It was when the policeman walked in

Bight in hi-vis glow

That I realised in the midst of a page

That all life was about me in a melee of noise, lined up scatter fashion in chairs not the bit in a row

Mothers with their babies, children adored 

Students and teachers over laptops and books studiously poured

The old and the young each with conversations to this place they have brung 

As I recline back cross legged in a comfortable chair

Here in a sudden distraction

A welcome attraction 

Coffee a pastry and more

Book set to one side 

For these words would not hide

Seeking out they wanted to be shared

So I sit here and type 

Amidst the conversations the laughter the arguments the hype

Warmed by coffee company and more

Thoughts of yesterday strong conjured by the words of a song from jazz artists musing on the ways of a back alley whore

Around me life still goes on

Reckless and strong

Accompanied by the clatter of cups and noise of coffees being served behind the bar

Time to thing and reflect, ideas to ponder or reject, and know that life is a journey that is traveled far

But here I sit 

Like a babe at the tit

Suckling on life as it goes by

All this and more

Finds me a coffee shop bore 

Alone in a chair with a book

But I do not think so

For that’s the way that my life goes

Relaxing as life like a wurlwind rushes past

Like a hare at its heel, that’s the way that I feel let others enjoy their life’s quick and fast

I drain the last sip

Taste the coffee on my lip

The dregs of foam sweet full of taste

Gather my things, time to put on my wings and take to the road once more in no haste

More life to found

Footsteps on well worn ground

Let us together find all life with its sights and variety of sounds.