The world can be better seen sitting at ones leisure, coffee in hand, watching the world rush past outside through large glass windows whilst inside you sit surrounded by the noise of relaxing music and the distracted voices of strangers.

What it was that had walked in ordered a latte and sat down few could guess. But sit down it had done and any plans promptly set aside. It yawned. Slurped a sip of warm milk that vaguely tasted coffeeish, contemplated an all butter shortbread finger but instead listen to the soft mewling of a baby from the other side of the room.

It found the sound pleasing. An innocence to be enjoyed. ‘they grow so quickly now’ it thought. It sighed. A stranger smiled. It did not return the smile.

Looking around It noticed the babies mother now wrapped in a loose fabric in three shades of green, the baby nowhere to be seen, now quiet. Two and two were quickly added together. Shy? It pursed its lips as Marvin Gaye began to sing. Times had changed indeed. Backward so it seemed.

Too far backward?

How old was It now? The door opened and Something walked in. Walked over. Sat down beside It.They nodded. A tea appeared in front of the something. The It pushed over the shortbread fingers.

A thank you was exchanged.

The sat there in silence. Watching in mute communication. Never needing to say anything. Their eyes taking everything in. Sitting there. Any plans they had set aside.

Both of them knowing any such planning by either party was in many respects, wasted time.

A queue for the toilet began to develop.

‘Shall we have some rain?’ It asked.

Something smiled, sipped her tea. A tap tapping on the window and as the queue squirmed the rain began to pour.

Life went on.

But slightly more cross legged than before.