So much pride 

In whispered goodbyes

Couldn’t leave

Even if I tried,

Never noticed 

Now I feel ashamed 

Of my cold little heart

When the tears I wiped away

With a smile and a laugh

Were you breaking apart,

Baby I loved you

Love you even more

Never noticed what was missing 

Until you walked out of the door,

I was younger then

Not much older now

And when I feel you in my arms

I love you more than I know how

But telling you ain’t easy

I get lost when I look into your eyes

When we kiss nothing else matters

My world is caught up in your sighs

This consuming madness so beautiful 

Furious passion between us is a love beyond the dutiful,

Reaching out and healing 

The wounds that sting 

Given up in anger with so much bitter feeling

Days of sunshine days of rain 

We’ve given ourselves up I’m sure 

Knowing we can’t go back, knowing things could never be the same

Let that night go past 

So many others have joined it now

But you creep into my mind my dreams so welcome 

Couldn’t tell you how

A piece of you remains

Could never let is pass

Close my eyes and see us

In many guises

May these feelings forever last.