Be careful of this tender ground 

Haunting within a screaming heart

Beating unbound 

Monsters reaching out

Softly howling in endless night 

See the beast that’s running free

Following ghosts with eyes that see

All that’s hidden existing within

Sing to the gods of love life and sin

Feel the sting embrace it’s charms 

Feel my teeth on you skin 

Out to do wicked harm

In tenderness heated, hear us sing

Drown in the waves that this horror brings

Eager, smiling, in a world

That will not let us wake

From chaotic nightmares 

That drag us in

Give us all

And more 


The picture tells a different tale

The world outside all for sale

Within are the ghosts on a grey day roped 

Hung without mercy, killed without hope

Killers dressed up so fine

Elegant terrors, wicked, sublime

Taste the kiss with gold exchanged 

Life’s finest lies in embraces arranged

No fiction marking the page

Taste warm blood in passionate rage,

Find the blues in blacks, reds, whites,

Burn of the robe wrapped around your wrists

Waiting for the next furious lick, the next chilling kiss

Feel the night in the sting

Crack of the whip upon tenderness