Silence in the void and we listen to the voices of our lonely children

Distant travelers on epic roads,

One wonders that in some distant time we may find and join them

Out there on a journey that has end, it’s only limit that which we place upon ourselves,

What sights their eyes do see and send to us,

Setting our imaginations loose, our minds and hearts to passionate heights,

Beautiful terrors, suns and worlds, the void no longer deserves such a name,

We have seen the surfaces of distant places, they call to us to go, to explore,

For now

Our children are the pathfinders, going ahead, showing us the way

Allowing us the safety, the comforts of home here on our cherished Earth,

We talk to them, we listen to them, they delight us in return from the wilds of distant space from the strange barrens of distant worlds

Cherished sights stir childhood hopes and dreams

To be there and stand on another world

Looking up into the sky unlike our own

To see the stars 

To gaze upon the distant face 

Of home

Our children carry on

And do their parents proud

So like home to our eyes and yet so unlike 

And each sight 

More thrilling than the last

And their journeys continue
(Pictures courtesy of ESA & NASA)