The mother of reinvention 


Given with a kiss

As the rain pours 


So constant

The strings inside

Do twist.

The mirrors are all hidden

The faces are obscured 

A baby crying somewhere 

The ghosts do sing,


Dark water deep to drown in

The seas are rough today 

Ancient song they are singing

Another breath holds sway.

Push the buttons

Kissing without style, wit or rhyme

How have we lived so long?

Between worlds,

One step out of time.

Faces so familiar,

See them in the rain

My love to them and so much more 

I pray I never caused them pain.

Money given to the waters

To the sea

The deepest well

Sleep eludes 

I write some more

Release many personal hells.

No self pity, no sorrow 

No regrets, no loss 

Life is chance a game well played

A coin in the air just tossed.

Today is one for shelter 

I am not myself, you see

Age falls heavy upon me 

As I call out to the sea,

Look for a ship to sail in

To take me to distant shores

Embrace the riddles on the waters

Puzzles and much more.