Empty rooms full of distractions riddles hypocrisies and enigmas,

Hearts like winter thawed by summer gestures and whispers of Spring

Turning pages that are all the same, moist with the tears of Autumn rain 

Fear the roads ahead without ever stepping outside your door, that’s not living, not worth surviving for

See the clowns! Watch them play hear laugh, see the guns rip them apart 

Bricks that build such sturdy walls plastered with pictures memories of all our rises all our falls

Get on the roller coaster 

Feel it’s speed

In the wind rush 

In the confusion 

As it embraces

Fills a need

As, in the flesh, plants a seed

Reaching out

Head to the sea, check it all out, what’s left to see?

Creation of towers full of disguise 

Feel the sun on my face

No more of these lies

Breaking the chains in a newborns soft cry

All that’s left is the love, so pure and so true.

Time? Letting it go

Leaving behind words

For unseen eyes to know,

Thinking and doing one and the same 

See a sign on the wall 


Recognise the pain

Look in the mirror

Look past what is there

Reach for a stone

Throw it straight, throw it square . . .