Feel the wind, the sun, the sea

All good things that should so be

Fight such devils

Deep inside

That rob our wits, steal our pride

Feel the sword in my hand

Embrace all passion known to this strange man

As he dances as if doing a Tyburn jig 

In the most bizarre of rig

The minstrel plays, the singer sings

The hands are bare devoid of rings

The flag unfurled, the colours high

To live this life we must forget the reasons why,

Now the night has come and with it calm

I look and know to do no harm

How strange to feel this way again

We smile, we laugh, reach and feel the first drops of rain

A child’s mind, innocent, wise yet old 

See through the eyes into a devils soul

That looks out and sees but does not tell

For it is not yet time for Him to burn in hell,

Reality behind a curtain of lace

Kept there in its own strange fragile place

Whilst on this side dreamers play

Singing of madness in a rhapsody whilst the lunatics sway.