Down this path where bird song fills the air, takes me to I don’t know where 

Hours pass, seconds more, minutes vanish and the day does bore 

Life so beautiful captivating adored, reveals a side that one abours 

Hide it, fight it, banish it again, find a hell in which we can so send

This creature that follows so black its fur so slick, that shreds heart and mind turns them sick

The sun that shines upon my face, grants no peace offers no grace 

Fight the tears like a man, put them aside as I can

Not been here for so long, how could things become so wrong?

The question asked as a howl, I hide my face behind a mask beneath a cowl

Feel the strength deep within, fight it deny it with a melancholy grin

Not alone! I look around, so many such grins can be found

Reaching out with open arms, come to me and I shall do no harm

The touch of youth, fairest faces, all divine in welcome places

Cave the touch, the lips the laughs, the joy of life done not in halves 

Remember them days of yore, feel the wound it stings, it’s sore

But that was then and this now, I make my way as only I know how