Out here stuck in dreamtime

A place of mystery and charm

Going stag going solo

With only the ghosts of lovers

Showing in the shadows 

Cast by sunlight 

As walk away arm in arm,

The air of noir hangs heavy

As I sip a cup of tea

Watch the mayhem unfold slowly

The murders that are meant to be,

Behold the body beautiful!

With a smile so sad to see 

I’m sorry it was you who died 

So sorry it wasn’t me,

The pencil marks the page 

Unwraps the story like its Christmas Day 

One cannot help feel the sadness

Of the tragedy that unfolds today,

What happens here is something

It always is, that cannot change, it’s something I’ve never understood

As I watch the shady figure

Sitting on the a cars dirty dusty hood

He’s looking at the Angel 

That I have sent his way

He’s looking at the Angel 

To whom death will come today

Watch them smile in greeting

A wave 

A laugh 

A cheer

And Death lurks in the shadows 

For only I can see him clear