Songs, hymns of yesterday’s gone,

Feel like tie-dye turned to grey

Wear the black as always 

Just another day.

The ghosts of every yesterday are good old friends on mine

No matter good or bad times 

Every second was just fine,

No regrets just the shame of others I just don’t have the time,

Think what you will of me,

My life’s a coin 

Flip it it’ll land both heads and tails like some doubled sided dime.


This thing that is before us

Do not bend be strong have the will find it do not dare to break

See the eyes now looking

A new soul come out born in hell for hellish sake

See the pulse now throbbing

In a wrist so marked so full of scars

Life ever throbbing

He reaches

Decides to play the cards,

Looks all about him

Hunting here and there

Heart now beating darkly

With countless dangerous grim cares 

Tiredness controlling

Moon phases call the tune

New moon ties him nicely

Full moon coming soon.

The rain it smells so delicious 

The coffee stays cooling in the cup

Walks out under a sky just as restless 

As this hellhound sweetly disguised as just another playful pup

Time to plan a murder

Passion plays abound

I see your eyes again, love 

Your name one that I will never out loud pronounce 

A crush as heavy as a mountain

A second date never to arrive

Dames to kill for, die for; hell yeah

Drink the bottle down to the last swallow, drink down every fluid ounce 

Drunk and restless, tired

Broken beaten soul

Hungry for it all again 

Knows it’s got a very long way to go

The chaos born of is passing

The mood will fade in time

But the memory of those lovers

Is a memory often times refined