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Feel within, the stirring soul

Ancient passions that never slow

Faces come and faces go

A witchs vision that always shows

Such truth such wisdom from heaven above and hell below,

Walk with me Grandma, I feel your ghost, your blood runs in mine

Flows strong within my veins, I am here, I exist by your love, cherished, fine

What we are, our natures, cannot be denied

Revealed by mirrors, eyes that reveal the lies

The days pass and special days come

The truth of it all, blessings and rituals, by the pricking of my thumbs

I grow old as I grow young, my love, my will, my passions, so be them done

See the maypole festooned and bright

Let us seek lovers by day and by night

See the dances bright and gay

See the toads that want their way

In the shadows wolf&goat

Blessed soul eager to taste fine throats

Find the truth in gentle flesh, embrace given freely, love well met

Hold your heart as He would your finer meat, finest memories in which to get


Feel my hand

Take my heart

On this night let us embrace

Come be one, be not apart

Feel my love

Take my soul

On this night slip into my waking dreams

Let us walk this blessed path, let us be whole

Feel your lips burn mine

Take my sex

On this night so blessed & divine

Together we cast our sacred hex


Turn the lights down low

See in the dawn as our bodies ebb and flow

Finding each other, deep, sometimes quick sometimes slow

Forgetting all else, it’s only you that I want to know

This magic we find in these devilish blues

Taste sweet salt from your skin, your fine honey dew

Nothing else matters, all I want is you

Goddess divine, creator of all my impassioned dreams

Rob me of reality, embrace me, make me want to scream


Beltane quickly approaches and the blood begins to rise

The wolf is screaming loud now hunting maiden sighs