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All you need is love

Listen to the boys if the band playing

Sing along

Feel the warmth spreading through me

Peace, harmony, love – open my soul, empty my mind, not out to do wrong

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Feel sadness when the conversation fails

Names disappear, gone without a trace

A name that will remain for a day or two

Until that fades as well

Leaving no trace of you,

Just this emptiness

A longing

A sense of what might have been

If only you had remained

If you were ever what your words duly seemed,

The world it turns faces come and they go

The truth remains hidden

Only loneliness and emptiness show,

Swipe right, search, reach out and lose again

What’s a good guy to do

To find a heart oh so lonely that just wants to find some love too?

Reality blurring, growing tired of the yearning

Watching as the good hearts grow cold

Settle for life in the shadows, hang their souls out for gold

What do you want of me?

You can have all that I can give

Life is for living


Let us live