Been from one town to another. Good places, bad places, nothing much changes when people are people all with the same problems same lies and same worn faces.

Not here to fix problems.

Just passing through.

Trying not to get involved unless you’ve got something to offer? Some pretty lie or two.

Might stay for an hour longer if your charms find a place in my arms. What do you want of me? Charm and disarm.

My weapons are words. Let others go in for the kill. Too slick to get my hands wet, don’t need that kind of blood splattered thrill.

Point in the direction, in goes the knife, before midnight is out the deaths are building up right.

The targets are worthy of the ending of days. Murderes already, that one in the gutter – a rapist, the hole in his head a ladies last play. 

I took her away, made sure she got out of town, then spread around the word and watched another villain go down. Pinned it on him just adding colour to his already stained past, waiting fir the shotgun to take him out with a blast.

Sit back.

Sip my coffee.

Take a rich slice of cake.

Clean up the world fighting hate with a mocking version of hate. 

Just a man with a shadow walking down a long road. Looking for something, got a long way to go.

The company I keep is not without sin, but we’re keeping it cool, trying not hurt the inocent with our peculiar din.

She sits in a chair across the table from me, smiles all polite now, hand touchs my knee. The slip of paper with its solitary name. Leans forward with a kiss, I order more coffee, the start of a new game,