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Can you hear them?

The voices in the rain?

Howling can be heard

Against the screaming winds harsh anger

Against the crying of beasts in pain.

What tale is?

Is one of faries?

Of dragons?


Oh lord, 

What tale is this, I caught some words,

Could it be one of tragedy, one of sorrow so absurd

I hear the howling in the wind and rain

Let love reign over me.

Walk out into the weather, out into the world outside

Look into my eyes now

Find no place left to hide,

Find no fear or sorrow

No doubt no shadows 

Nothing but the night

Look into my eyes now sinister little sister

Find your path on which to run now

The futures looking bright

See the fires that are burning 

The steam caused by the rain that falls

See it all and more now

In my eyes, look, you’ll see it all

For hear the voices crying on the wind and rain!

For hear the voices crying! Are they a warning against such pain?

Look only into my eyes now, do not look at what I am,

The wings are an illusion, my tail is nothing but a sham

My hooves are only heels, my love, just boots of some strange make

Look into my eyes, my love, your soul is one I wish to take.

Look not into the chaos of the day that now surrounds

The howling wind and rain that screams, ignore the weathers sounds

The storm that now lashes, come close, I will keep you safe and warm

Safe and warm I promise, my love, protected from the storm

Look into my eyes now, hear not the hooves approach 

At a fast swift gallop, as if risen by some bold young knight

On a quest, on some dashing impetuous flight

Come close and let me take you away from the world and all it’s pain

Come now look into my eyes now see all you have to gain.

See the hands reach out, closer, any moment they will touch

See the hands reach out now, we are powerless, the sorrow is too much

Hear a cry sound out now, loud against it all, she looks away and sees him

The devil roars and bellows hear the howling in the wind, the beast thwarted its voice an awful din

Calm descends as he reaches her, takes her off her feet, 

Together now on horseback, he rides away it looking back, their passage a swift galloping beat.

The beast looks but cannot follow, it’s chains would not allow

A fires burns within its soul, the fire burns still in this very moment, now.