Escape the rain with coffee rich and smooth,

Pastries ever tempting, words come, find my groove

Jazz over the speakers competing with the noise of voices loud

Sitting back and smiling put down the words of passion found

Notebook red as lipstick from the lips of one I’ve known before

The temptations of a wild life, the both of us back then crazy behind closed doors

Never will forget them, my heart surrenders it’s pieces easy, shows willing if love is to be sown 

Harm to none is key, but we reap just what we sow, that is fate and karma, that’s the way it goes

I hold you in my arms – never wanting to let go, look long into your eyes and kiss, walk with me down this road

Open the soul to passion, open the mind find joy, open the heart find love there, affections never to be toyed 

Outside the rain is falling watching from a corner safe and warm, hold a council of minds to ponder coming storms, the words come ever flowing, thoughts and tales relaxed, look into the future as the past it wanes and waxe 

Step back


Prone to overthink, let the words flow easy, let creation come stained in bright blue ink

Pages to be opened, marked, turned forever closed, what sentiments lie in them? 

Only the gods in the heavens know.