Do we look into them?


Dusty orbs that watch in silence 

Mark them well 

For such eyes tell

Of mysteries that some

Care not to find.

Look out with mine own eyes to see

What the voices whisper if truth to be

Of creatures great and creatures small 

Of places loved others not at all

Of hands that tended soil dark

With loving devotion, growing life, with careing spark 

Breath deep as light doth fade to gloom

Turn brighter lights on within my room

Chase the ghosts that haunt away 

Find my muse with gentle sway

Seek the night it’s dreams to keep

Blessed by gentle hearted sleep 

Reach to the stars with open arms

Open hearted, to do no harm

Find such wonders have such cares

Send forth our children up perilous stairs

Come find orbs, come tiny hands

Show me all, find me mysterious lands

Give to the Muse a visit in the night

One of familial love from one now lost to sight

Give to the hearts of all that need

Healing moments to stop the pain that makes the heart sick and bleed

I light a candle, light on light

Wait for the shadows, wait for the night