Feel the soul rip 

As walls grow strong 

Wind howling madly 

Spellbound chaos wrong

Tears falling that should not

Heart of ice that cannot

Red dolls dancing laughing in the night

Looking for rain in a desert a wilderness of plight 

In which we walk as strangers 

Long behind thick walls, aware of all that’s out there all the joys and the dangers

Let the wind blow us backward, better times less complex more refined

Behind those walls ever growing, find me there ever yours forever mine

Paradise under stormy skies looking into crystals dusty ancient minds

Seeking for such wisdom searching, our eyes to find

The bones, the stones, the hearts, the truth

Calling on the restless souls by candlelight welcome under troubled roof

Feel the demons touches, hands of the Angels, lips of both together bring changes

See them on the faces of many other strangers.

Look my way, see the Fates behind us shine, as we walk slowly waiting for the innocence of the flames that once were mine, straight to a heart that hands reach out to touch of which the Fates deny, destined for such sorrows alone the heart shall lie.

I steal the moon 

Find the fire

Banish the sun

In sorrow, retire