Hear the silence

Strings untouched

Snapshot from a childhood 

So quickly over

Put more bricks into the wall

Whistle just a single note

Consider rabbits, ducks, goats

Hear the ticking 

Clock on the wall

Hands moving slowly

Every seconds repeats

Every tick every tick another heart beat

This is a dream, have no doubt 

One more fantasy, no need to shout

Watch the unicorns so pure, they race 

See the dragons dance with the elements, done with grace

I am a thief 

Running in the night

Perilous quest

For precious heart

What can I do?

Close my eyes in deep dark wood

Visit the witches, unseen faces hidden by heavy hoods

I could you give you all things and more

But gold becomes dull and jewels loose their luster 

Memories mean more, it is they that I shall then muster

River running

To sea so wide 

 Sandy shores on which happiness lies

Under sky so clear and moon lit nights

Let these dreams continue

Let the nightmares take flight.