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I turn another card a feel the night

It moves

Roll another pair of die, snake eyes

Nothing but bad news

Step away

From this game, it fails to pay its dues

Walk down a haunted path

Like a blade runner, lost in the rain, solemn with the blues.

Find another bar, have another drink

Trying not to look around

To see the avoiding stares as away the rats they slink

They know the score they know my job

I don’t care anymore what they say or think

Blow another skin job away

Deeper into the darkness down and down I sink.

Pay my way, another bottle, 

This ones coming home

Walk into a night full of heat and rain, humid storm

In no mood to roam

Think of days, long ago, when I used to walk in fields that once were green

That now are patched and bare, chalk dust, sand and loam.

Lock my door behind me, pour myself a drink

Walk over to the window

Dead eyes looking out, trying not to think

Try not to see the fear, the terror, the realisation of what’s to come

My target stares at my gun, as reality with the bullet hits right home the truth in pain it stinks

Pour another, forget the past, hear my neighbors howl

Hear them banging on the wall, playful in their kinks.

Go rest on the sofa, try to ignore the night

With its madness and its noise 

Close my eyes and hope the nightmares will be easy with their frights. 

And I think of her, her kiss, given at the last

As I pulled the trigger, her scream as loud as my weapons blast…