I answer the call but slowly 

Go to my cherished bed

With thoughts of sunset and sunrise, pictured in my head

The night is muted, distant noises play

And the heat keeps me wakeful, restless, at the end of this hot day

I close my eyes and try to bring myself to sleep

But this night is unforgiving with its muggy sticky heat, that through the open window silently does creep

The longest night approaches, the days of summer burn

For the arms of one fine lady, from distant shore I yearn

To rest together gentle, to hold each other tight

To cool the fires burning long into these summer nights

No music plays, the quiet, the peace that fills my room

I close my eyes and see a garden of green, flecked with such fine blooms

Worlds apart and dreams away, the hours slow to pass

Reach for sleep to take me so I can hold her at the last

Till then the night is torment I try and try some more

Then find myself standing before sleeps open and welcome door.