I hear a newborn mewlingNo more than hours old

Turn a corner, see the tears, from men once proud and bold

Feel the weight fall upon me, in duty good and true

The burden of life before us, open and unfettered beneath a sky of purest blue

So many fragile years unfold in the blinking of the eye

A seagull flies in silence, no wind beneath its wings, through this unfolding summer sky

I walk and see and watch, reach out to touch the hearts

Silent hopes and prayers, strength and love, to those close to those in distant parts

I feel the sun upon me, the sweat runs down my naked back

Reaching out to capture sorrows, to give joy to those whose lives such joy so lacks 
Let the silence hold me, feel the grass beneath my feet

The day wrap around me, easy summers treats

Consider the blessings of my life send them to others my life has touched

Consider them most dear to me for I love them oh so much 

Yet never I might tell them, never to reveal 

What my heart is thinking, what words my mind could so easily then deal

The fire burns so brightly on its field so clear and blue

My love to all that need it, my heart be held by those who need such love so true
Bright Blessings