Smile all the while, play around, deal another hand, got one hand on my gun now the other on the ground 

So you think you know the way this goes? You think your so on top? Don’t know when to walk away! Don’t know when to stop!

Comes down to this this each and every time, no fairytale endings here, no pleasant merry rhymes, just another body in the gutter, a loser each and every time

Walk away! You won’t get far, you know the sore know how things are, you pay the dame for her hours working, fate waits outside, your futures lurking 

She sees you right, she does you good, shes the last face you’ll see you dumb punk hood, the dice are rolling and they don’t look good,

 This games been fixed, sweet dreams my friend, your about to get played no mercy to send

You won’t hear the shot, won’t feel the pain, but you’ll bleed out so slowly, just another bad guy dying in the rain

You look good in that fine tailored suit, the money that made it not your personal loot, you skimmed and you thieved, lied and become quite the cheat, are you enjoying the lady, taking her heat

And the sound of the shot rips into the night as he walks down the step and into the dark, the bullet rips through the shadows like some red flaming spark, hits him square throws him into the street, and I kneel there watching happen ready to take to my feet, she walks to the door as a distant dog barks, light coming on cries and nosey remarks, she’s there in the doorway semi naked in lace, lost in the shadows that hide her fine face, and she closes her door then as the rain hammers down, and the sirens start wailing I walk away less I drown.