Lost in the blue light


Night so dark

No moon outside, nothing really comes to mind

Playing with a drink that’s cold

Feeling a rhythm that never grows old

Sending out the love in a sixties type way

Feel the wind come through an open window

A moth blows in seeking the light, we let it stay

See the lights, flicker, like candles in old style lamps

Ring the bell, let the old stories out, let them play

Late is the hour, tired is the mood

Hungry and whistful for more than just wine, music & food

Open the pages, find the ghosts there within

Smile like a madman, a jokers rictus like grin

Pull out the pen, more words we could send

Let the stories unfold late night dancing with strange shadows again

Beating hearts loud as a stage full of drums

The witch in the corner with pins in her thumbs

Keeping back all that’s wicked with righteous bold charms.

Sweet dreams little children, sweet dreams through the night

Don’t let late night stories give cause to take fright

Put down your books, close your eyes, time to rest 

Time to sleep time to dream, time to relax with every drawn breath

Not all things in the night are cause for concern, 

Feel the warmth in your hearts, feel the tug of loves beautiful yearn.