Walk out with a head full of words

Letting them drift 

Across the realms of two worlds

The span of two times

Sit in a garden full of the songs of old trees

Embracing the peace, crossed legged, all at ease 

As above the sky moves on an elegant dance 

Whilst below I sit and wonder

Letting everything move to its own fate and its own chance

Changes come each time I look away

Listen to the birds as in evensong they have their own say

I sit and I wait, for what I don’t know,

I think of the rain that might fall, perhaps a storm? Such a fine show!

The breeze that surrounds cool and relaxed, magpies making noise now, I think what might be vexing them what is causing them to vocally find a harsh biting axe

My eyelids grow heavy, my wits they grow dim

I think of my bed (too soon much too early?) and the dreams that come when I’m tucked in

Think of the feelings that have been part of my day, warmed flushes so irregular full of emotion ill defined obscure in everyway

I look to clouds with love in my eyes, let the day pass without pleasurable sighs, watching the sky as it moves on its way

The future uncertain I let it remain so, divination being a thing full of what I shall not easily say,

Let the uncertainty play out as it will, I reach for my pen, reliable as any ancient black feathered silver ink well and quill,

Let the words come 

Letters and more

To friends and old lovers

To new ones, to all my spirits adore.