Start another!

Moving the rest, finding sleep that never comes

See another sunrise wanting you beside me

Oh, alone, the greatest pain

Seeing the earth move

With nothing I can do but look

Into an empty sky

In which 

Given wings

We could beautiful fly,

Choose a life

Like changing a shirt

Whilst feeling the hurt

And failing to understand

Give it up for on moment of bliss

That lasts forever in just one kiss

Start another!

This one runs

With a voodoo shadow

Full of rhymes and good life crimes


But who knows what’s right?

Dance floor passions exposed neck ready for teeth

The lips ready teeth so sharp

Hear the choir with its heavenly harp

Accompanied by the rattle of chains

The howling of souls 

In delicious ecstatic little death pain

Silver linings in the clouds

Stinging right above them, shining right down.