Chamber of the mind

In session

Thought  = Thinking

One breath away from meditation, deep

One breath away from twilight, the future the past

Messages from other times

Positive over negative

Action over reaction

Holding a crystal ball, the opening of the third eye

Looking forward, changing, tiefer, tiefer,

Mein verstand nach dein Verstand

Die Welt verändern

See the shadows of many realities combined

One world yours, this world mine

Eine Welt deiner, diese Welt meins

Touch the mirror lightly

Hear the thunder

Feel the rain

Positive / negative

Ideas full of merit, dreams swimming with desires

Echoes of the past, glimpses of the future

Songs sung with passion full of glory

Feel the heat from burning fires

Smouldering eyes telling a different story

Draig sibrydion yn dawel