Feel the flames 

As they

Touch the eyes, 

Sight becomes blurred 

Ruminations loud

Heat & flame make wisdom sigh,

Within stone & iron gain

White hot ash 

Spit and cackle, curse and cry.

Hear the piano?
It plays so soft

By ghostly hands in locked dark loft!

Seasons pass 

The clocks run slow

The metronome ticks, the music flows.

See the ice form on the glass?

Winter comes! Has autum past?

Feel the heart break within my breast

Feel the pain within my chest

Hear the laughter high and loud

Feel the earth move, see dark clouds

Feel the hand upon my arm

Look upon Death, pale blue eyes that have no charm

Feel the last heat of summer go

No more of springs rich life its seeds to sow

So cold so cold, the music slows

The time before me! What is this hour that it’s face does show?

I hear the voice; Deaths question asked,

“CAN YOU SEE BEYOND MIDNIGHT?” I wonder if I can face that task!