Oh! Now I see how right you were!

Vous m’avez prévenu depuis longtemps 

Only now am I listening 

Sitting back 

Letting the darkness come in my mind 

Opening the Closed Doors, Allumez-moi

Love is all

It is knowing 

It is showing

Give everything to you




Embracing The Gods 

Seasons gifts, 

Grass beneath my feet 

Truths open, none shall be hid

Raise my eyes to heaven 

Feel the rain upon my face 

Chase the ghost of you forever

My fine young Muse, my Angel, my lady of such eternal grace

Stand here 

Seeing the lights 

The rains of Christmas past

The night that lasts forever 

That dawn could never chase

Regarde les étoiles dans tes yeux

Entends tes soupirs dans la nuit

Et la nuit durera pour toujours

Le souvenir de vous de ne jamais disparaître ou de mourir

Take my hand

In the hours that never were

Take my hand Red Lady

Let’s find ourselves in the shadowlands