Play with faces, see the places
Taste the questions
On your lips
Sweet sticky sugar
Delicious grace upon your hips

Where are the words
I want to hear you speak,
Fire lingers as the sun sinks low
Wide eyed, breathless
Our hands played dangerous games of hide and seek

Fell so hard, fell so low
Yeah, hell yeah
Fell so hard, falling for you

Time stood still, Christmas magic
Passing time listening to your voice
As sweet as wine
The silence came
When your lips met mine

That was such a moment in time
Wild pace lost in passions rhymes
Do you think of me in your dreams
When winter comes and the rain it steams
When the music of Soko makes you scream

Yeah, fell so hard, that's the way it goes
Hell yeah, though
Fell so hard, could not help our feelings show

Hell yeah