Red lipped classic
Pale skinned dream
Slipped out of a black dress
Ready for the screams

Hear the ravens
Singing in tune
Feel the earth move
All too soon

Light a candle
Make the shadows dark
Match burns flickering
Lights on the walls dancing sparks

Is this a nightmare?
Or something more!
Lost in the moment
With this beautiful creature I cannot help but adore

Touch the pale skin
Hold her hand in mine
Long to taste her ruby lips
This dreaming do divine

Feel the sweat upon me
The blankets wrapped so tight
Feel her arms around me
Will I make it through the night?

Be you Angel be you Devil
My wits are so unsure
By you haunt me more than tease me
Our madness I endure

Until the light creeps through the curtains
And you are gone again
Daylight brings such sweet relief
Finds me almost sane.