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Autumn languor grips us


We watch the ships

Fill the bay and harbour

Listen to the seamen talk,

Fill our heart full of dreams

To go to sea

To sail away from our homeward shore

To places never seen & seek adventure, return with tales that would not bore

Oh to be at sea again

Boldly go and free my soul from this weary autumn languor


To the decks I go

Before the masts I stand

Come sail with me you beauties

Let us find good sailing away from this fair land,

Let us find good hunting, prizes full of pleasures and of gold

To the sea my hearties let us be so bold

I hoist my colours high lads

Strike fear into weak hearts

Come sail with me you men of fortune be brave and strong of heart

See the sea before you, find fair maids in every port

Come sail away be me you gents, less the hangman has you caught

The wind it sings the sea it calls hear the ship she cries she moans

For just like you an me boys, we have ocean salt in our blood and coral in our bones

So hoist them sails and see our colours fly

Let the wind be on our backs boys

Let the sea be our true mistress

You know she’ll never lie,

 Hear her know she’s calling

So come, come quick come one come all

Drink the rum up me hearties before the hangman sees you fall

For Tyburn the dancing there is no merry pirates jig

Come sail with me you bravehearts an find better rope to rig

Away from this autumn languor

That robs you of your soul

Come sail away with me boys

And in your hands find shiny gold.