Start over, turn another page
Feel the wind on my face
Sun kissed, warm
Blood burning within, ready for the race

Finding God
In the laughter and the tears
The passing of the days
Glorious nights so full of all my fears

Over love and over hate
Running down roads
Like a child jumping gates
Leaving all the misery, embracing joy, that's the way it goes

Shake my head
Walk away again
Getting really good
At avoiding all the pain

Counting up the days
Letting them all pass
Knowing what is yet to come
Like a runner facing last day, last day coming fast

Dust to dust
Life had other plans
As I carried on running away
Finding pleasure in other lands

Midnight comes
And the ship comes into view
Carrying my salvation
A blue sky memory the opposite of you

Dancing away
Cruel jesters playing in the band
And we're all dancing merry
On the edge of a blue sea on soft and golden sand

Got so much love
Just you wait and see
All that glitters and flirts in gold
Are all the dreams and passion I'll ever need

Give you a diamond
Or a rose with sharpened thorn
Bare my soul and shed my masks
And every oath I've ever sworn

Always running
Enjoy the chase
Playing a scene
Come closer, come nearer, a kiss reveals my true face