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Shake the dreams free
Let loose from a wild wind of imagination
Deranged in a strangers sheets
Made from a day of rain and fierce longing
These souls have never been the same
Ever since they heard the sax
Playing low between books in high stacks
Coming together, danced so sweet
You could taste it the pleasure on the air
Felt the fear from the looks in their eyes
They certainly didn't waste it
Dreams became memories, memories became precious

These words I speak
From behind closed eyes
Take a peek
It's your lips my hunger seeks
I will not utter these words in breathless sighs
Caught in pleasure between your thighs
Mirrored souls in each other's embrace
Eyes shut tight as our orgasms haste

In you I see
Something special
Feel a need
Lost in the rain
No tears of shame
The music around scatters any gloom
Showing a silver lining
In the lighting
Never frightening
Midnight comes
As do I

We lie, breathing heavy, holding tight
As day outside comes dark night
No love in our embrace
Just passion stolen in teenage haste
No questions asked no regretful refrains
Just passionate games played out to the sound of summers rains.