Just another night, catching reflections in the glass

Watching the night fall quickly

Sipping coffee from a glass,

Nibble the shortbread so tasty

Letting life just slip on by

Not thinking about tomorrow

Or past days, those dogs best left sleeping, let the in quiet lie

Let the mind unravel

Ease into better realms we’ll play

Pick out the words like lovers

Dance with fine melodies, one step after another

See the movement of a passing two step and sway

Bradbury almost finished as a noir waits on the shelf

No mood for murder mayhem or mischief from this most relaxed fine elf.

Listen to the room!

The chat, the talk, the music in the background soft

This place a second home maybe, better than loft

Unwind I find so easy in a coffee tall and strong

Taste the sweet vanilla, this brew can do no wrong

Except invite my fingers

To do their own fine dance

As my mind does wonder, my eyes do dart and glance

To strip away reality

To find the sunlight, sing

To banish any stress or sorrows

Find happiness in a madman’s grin

Looking back at me in the window

Bright room, the darkness deep outside

Playing with words aplenty

Wrapped in imagination, no desire here to hide.