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Greetings one Greetings all

ring out the bells

let us dance and drink in merry halls,

light the darkness with merry lights

raise a toast take our joy to new heights,

sing loud and proud those carols graceful

enjoy the feast and by the fire tell tales so fateful,

’tis the season to be jolly

behold! Ah yes, our halls and doors decked indeed with mistletoe as well as holly,

a kiss of joy a kiss of love

in this season of peace hearts white as doves,

 I wish you all the seasons best, oh welcome friends and distant guests

may all your wishes and dreams be granted to you

love and light , peace and goodwill, in all we say in all we do

to you, your hearths and to your homes, to the paths on which you walk

many blessings, many prayers, may you be watched kindly by the Fates ever ticking clock