And then it all went black

It started out of silence. Polite majority forced into the shadows by intolerant minority hell bent on segregation, censorship, political correctness, the need to do good things but not the right things, education forced aside the candle of science knowledge and wisdom blown out and the electric environmentally friendly bulb of inane-distractions-and-get-your-fame-here-in-a- instant- ideas was illuminated.

It started out of silence generated by the fear of open minds unable to talk sensibly less they get shouted down, ridiculed and worse targeted for being Other.

Dick sat down with Wells, joined by Orwell, Burgess, Heinlein and others who shook their heads for predictions that should not have come true.

The world gone mad with rainbows brightly coloured and glittering full of poison and toxicity, lies and misconceptions, fake news & tabloid skits, journalism not worth a damn news on the hour read by hacks not worth a shit, smiling so politely delighted by the disasters that make their voices ring with joy at the chaos behold the images and the newsreaders continued grins.

It started out of silence and then it all went black, a club playing outlaw jazz strippers wearing smiles and nothing underneath clear transparent macs.

I sit with anxious poets destined to be eternally poor, light a candle in the dark and wait for a blaze to banish the shadows of enlightenment, every age has its own folly this one more than others, so here we sit and drink and enjoy the life that is and the life that should be, open and free, honest and true.

Enjoying the night the music the dancers, the smiles the laughs the jokers and the flirts, the lovers the losers the bar flies the boozers, drifting through time carried by the atmosphere surrounding, falling into dreams, deep water, magnificent drowning.