I can see the images dancing through the rain, ghostly alternatives from another time another place. Just like here it’s raining there with people moving hunched down against the wet chill under umbrellas or wrapped up in hopeful waterproofs.

So many stories some even interesting, do we tell them? Only if the words appear.

Silence falls and the pen remains unused, the keyboard closed the screen and the paper blank, empty.

Better this time to watch perhaps remember than to write and record. There is a sadness in the air, a despair that hangs like the clouds of cordite heavy scented fogs that linger around the days of bonfire night.

Halloween has come and is almost over All Saints days that linger long ancestral worship and respect for the dead, all the horrors of murky day and darkest night easily come to fill our heads.

I saw them then I see the now, out on the rain, haunting, proud.

I sigh I sit I watch the time slip by, restless, uneasy, silent, cowed.