Settle in, back in the day

Guitar play

Smooth strong

Don’t look back, don’t cry

Take me back, in your eyes, to that quiet street

Find me waiting, wanting

Close eyes, first kiss, hearts beating with unquiet revolution

Things never said, surrender to the temptation

Surrender to the love, things never said

Stories never told

Going back to the day

When my soul was sold

For less than gold

And a dream seen in your eyes

Settle in

Dancing with ghosts and other hosts

Coming out with final truths

And the one and only name that makes me die makes me cry

Dawn rises in Eden seen and I see time run

From silent sun to noisy moon

Howling wolf and laughing goon

All that’s left is my belief in you


In scars long dry when blood spilt on a road where only the ghosts continue to die

Finds me there, between worlds, here

Never growing older, lost in the shadows of the loneliness of fear

Setting these old ghosts free

Thinking of all things love

And kisses that gave me more than romance, closed eyes open to better visions

All back in the day, settled in

And the ghosts of yesterday tomorrow creep on in