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It was the waiting that bothered him the most!

The endless sitting around, drinking expensive coffee that was little more than frothy coffee flavoured milk whilst eating warm butter rich pastries machine made with no love and even less skill, watching the world go by through tired eyes and a weary soul.

The day was warm with a sky full of clouds that matched his mood. He took another sip and listened to the banter of a pair of young girls close by, inane chatter, giggles and comments about this that and the other. He checked his watch. He watched the pavement life drift by, the traffic in the road. Putting his cup down he walked over to the telephone booth in the corner, pulling the door closed behind him, he picked up the receiver listening to its purring tone he reached out putting his finger in 6 hole ready to start dialling.

A tap tap behind him made him turn and look over his shoulder, one of the girls looked back at him, smiling through the glass, he smiled back, began to say something but was slammed back against the wall as the bullet smashed through the glass and ripped into him. He slipped down onto his knees, was falling forward when another bullet slammed into his head throwing his limp and now lifeless bulk into the corner of the booth.

The receiver hung, swinging from side to side, a flood and flesh covered pendulum that buzzed like an eager fly above a feast of fresh meat.

No one screamed. No one saw the pair of girls leave or saw the car that pulled up quickly to the curb side with a back door already open, no one saw them get in or witnessed the car pull away.

It was the waiting that had bothered him the most, but it was a thing he would never have to be bothered about again.